A Perfect Woman

//A Perfect Woman

A Perfect Woman

”I am a perfect woman,
I love to sew and cook,
I like to wear suits and sarees,
And love my make-up look.”

”I am also a perfect woman,
I am the best in my profession,
My career is my bae,
And my work is my passion”.

”I am also a perfect woman,
I manage both home and work,
I don’t love social gatherings,
And people call me dork”.

”I am also a perfect woman,
I love to party all night,
I wear trendy western clothes,
That are colored too bright”.

”I am also a perfect woman,
I ride bikes and play football,
I wear pants and sport pixie cut,
And I love my tomboy look overall”

”I am also a perfect woman,
I married a guy of my dream,
I don’t want any children,
My hubby and I make a complete team.”

”I am also a perfect woman,
I have many friends, both male and female,
I am strong opinionated,
And when crossed, blow everything like a gale.”

”We all are perfect women,
In our own special ways,
There is perfection in imperfection,
And we all deserve equal praise”

There is no ‘’defining’’ woman,
There is no ‘’How I should be’’,
Let me be myself,
Let my spirit be free.

For I will rise like a Phoenix,
After every struggle I face,
I am set to conquer,
I will no longer live in a cage.

Nor can I loose my purity,
Being touched by someone willingly or forcibly,
I am a human being,
Not some sealed commodity.

I need not be a martyr
Sacrificing everything for everyone,
I have the right to live for myself,
Just like every other person.

I need not be worshipped,
Or put on a pedestal,
Just remember I am also human,
With feelings very real.

Like me for who I am,
Celebrate me without any reason,
Let me fly my wings,
And fly away in the horizon.


Apoorva Yadav Kamboj

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