How to loose weight effectively

//How to loose weight effectively

How to loose weight effectively

We all have been blessed with perfect body irrespective of it’s size, colour or shape. Embracing our selves the way we are is the perfect way to remain  mentally and physically healthy. Then why am I suggesting ways to loose weight? Loosing weight has nothing to do with how you look, you should be willing to loose weight just to avoid all the health risks like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, kidney issues etc. The aim here us to be physically fit and have a healthy physique.

So if you are feeling unhealthy or uncomfortable due to your excess weight here are a few tips to loose those extra few pounds to be fit again :


Eat a balanced diet : The best way to loose weight is not to follow extreme diets which leave you feeling hungry and craving for something to eat all the time. These diets may help you lose weight quickly but can also leave you feeling exhausted, tired and weak. Instead of dieting eat a well balanced diet. Here are few tips to keep in mind for healthy eating :

  • Take a filling and nutritious breakfast loaded with protein and dietary fibre like eggs, oatmeal, paneer bhurji, poha, vegetable dalia, sprouts etc. Eating protein rich breakfast will help you feel full and curb any cravings for longer time. It also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels.
  • Avoid consuming fried food, too much sugar, things made with all purpose flour etc. and include dietary fibre like fresh fruits, vegetables In your diet.
  • Avoid skipping meals and try to take some healthy snacks ( fruit, nuts etc. ) every 2 hours.


Drink lots of Water :  Drinking water can help in weight loss in many ways. Water is a natural hunger suppressant. If we take water 30 minutes before every meal it will help us consume less calories and thus aid in weight loss. Keep in mind that water should not be consumed during or immediately after meals. Drinking warm water first thing in the morning cleanses our body and helps in weight loss. We should consume minimum 8-10 glasses of water every day. The other benefits of drinking water are :

  • It is good for digestive system.
  • Drinking water lubricates the joints and helps with our brain functions.
  • Water helps in maintaining the body temperature.
  • It helps in attaining glowing skin and beautiful hair.
  • Water also detoxifies our body and is good for kidney.

Exercise : Exercising not only helps in reducing weight it also improves mood, increase energy levels, reduces risks of heart disease, maintains blood sugar levels and helps us attain a fit body. Some great options of working out for weight loss are jogging, running, swimming, cardio, yoga, pilates, cycling, zumba and many more. Enjoy your workout to reap maximum benefits.

Do not take stress : Stress can cause both weight loss and weight gain depending upon person and their situations. Taking stress increases the level of cortisol which can increase out appetite leading to stress eating. Stress also slows down our metabolism leading to accumulation of fat in middle part of our body. Besides the weight issues stress has overall negative impact on our health thus it should be avoided at any cost. Meditation, spending time surrounded by nature, doing things we enjoy, talking to our loved ones , reading, painting, or taking up any hobby may help managing stress.

Remember weight loss is a journey which requires a lot of dedication and patience.  Just focus on being healthy without being too hard on yourself and love yourself unconditionally.


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