Things we can learn from our Toddlers

//Things we can learn from our Toddlers

Things we can learn from our Toddlers

Our little munchkins are a bundle of energy who light up our lives with their bright and innocent smiles. Parents are said to be the first teachers of their babies and we believe that our toddlers have so much to learn from us. This is true but do you know that there are various things our toddlers can teach us if we keep an open mind. Here are some of those things :

Laughing Freely: Toddlers have that beautiful, infectious laughs that lifts even the most sorrowful souls. The reason being that they laugh freely on smallest and simplest things. They find joy in the most mundane things and their laugh is always heartfelt.  They do not need a very big reason or another person to laugh they can laugh on the silliest things. You can find them laughing after they fall or when they drop their food trying to eat, when they try to catch the flies, anything can tickle their tiny bones. We should learn to enjoy and laugh from these cuties.

Hard Work: You will never find a toddler sitting idle. They try to do everything they see you doing and try to grasp every tiny detail from this world. They are very curious and eager to learn everything without thinking about the difficulty level of the task. You will see them trying to do  the same thing again and again until they learn to master it and then proceed to learn the other things. It’s inspiring to see them to try to walk even after they fall umpteen times. They do not have the tendency to give up and it is definitely the trait worth learning.

Love: It is said that the purest form of love existing is that of a mother. But i believe that the purest form of love is that of a child. You may find yourself shouting at your sunshines even sometimes due to no fault of theirs but you would still find them seeking comfort in you only. Even when they find your voice disturbing to them they try to hug you to feel your warmth.They laugh when they see you laughing and become sad when they see you crying, their eyes are full of love and they run to hug you even if you were gone only for 15 minutes. Their eyes search for you as soon as they wake up and they make you feel that you are their whole world. Not only for their family members but they show love for complete strangers too. You would find them readily sharing their things with others, smiling when others smile and wave to them. Loving comes naturally to them and their love is without expectations and pure to the core.

Trusting : Toddlers are the most trusting souls. They trust that when you throw them in the air you will definitely catch them and they enjoy the moment . They trust that when they are trying to learn you are there to hold them, catch them when needed and guide them in the correct direction.

Be Forgiving: You will find that toddlers forgive very easily. That is why you will see them fighting with other munchkins in one minute and then playing with them the next minute. They may seem angry and refuse to come to you when you scold them but within a few seconds they will hound you to pick them up. They do not hold on to the negative feelings. If we could learn this from them then our lives will be so much easier.

Living in the moment: Toddlers live in the moment. They may get hurt and cry themselves to sleep. You expect them to cry once they wake up over the wound but you will see that they had forgotten all about it and are running and doing the exactly the same thing that hurt them. You would find that frustrating at times but this living in the moment is what allows them to enjoy without being afraid. We on the other hand are so afraid and obsessed by the past that we refuse to enjoy our lives to the fullest.

So what did your kiddo teach you today?


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